Enviroflor The GREEN solution in partnership with Knauf GIFAtec, the BLUE difference A unique symbiotic partnership of Raised Access Flooring and Acoustic Flooring Systems.  

With our Enviroflor DB Green systems, our vision becomes a reality fulfilling all design requirements for safe, quiet and valuable living and working environments whether they be commercial, public or residential constructions. 
Our Acoustic DB Green system makes project life more efficient, faster, safer and more creative. The next generation of Acoustic floors has begun which utilize the power of nature without impairing it. 
Our new Acoustic floor solution ensures a sustainable resource-friendly utilization and optimization of natural raw materials creating next generation acoustic flooring solutions. 
Advantages of enviroflor db30/db36 acoustic raised floor system 
Advantages of enviroflor db30/db36 acoustic raised floor system 
System is a1 non-combustible acc. En 13501-1 
Enhanced evacuation times over traditional cradle/batten/chipboard acoustic floor systems and steel encased chipboard access floor systems (video of raf comparison available) 
System achieves any designed loading requirement (db30 achieves a maximum loading of 6kn point load – 3kn with safety factor of 2) 
Reduced cement content in buildings 
Reduced dead loadings on high rise developments 
Achieves sound insulation reductions in excess of document e robust details - e-fc-1, e-fc-2, e-fc-7 
Low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity of λr = 0.44 w/mk, making it ideal for underfloor heating systems – also reduces c02 emmissions due to high efficiency of above 
Knauf fhb t&g gifaflor panels used in areas to receive direct application of vinyl or ceramic finishes with no need for expensive de-bonding layers and plywood sub-layers (fhb25 for vinyl fhb38 for ceramic) 
Enviroflor ultra low void pedestal system (finished floor levels of system down to 35mm using db30) offers advantages for listed buildings with existing reduced storey heights 
Finishing trades can follow on immediately with no drying out periods 
No requirement for concrete sub-floor to acieve class a level tolerances 
Full access to floor voids to carpet and hardwood flooring araes 
Modular system promotes error free certainty of installation – no more creaking, squeakingfloors; collapsed floors, bouncing cradles; bouncing floors; overloading of floors 
Fast track installations with ability to install where environmental conditions unsuitable for timber systems 
Internal partitions can be supported off the enviroflor class a1 fire rated floor removing flanking issues with partitions – improves installation and programme timeframes 
Reduction in long term maintenance costs with access to underfloor containment 
Jit deliveries minimise hoist use on multi-storey developments – approx 500m2 delivered and hoisted into workplace positions in 6hrs 
Minimal requirement for skips to landfill – all waste streams returned to manufacturing facilty for re-introduction into the manufacturing process. All post consumer panels can be returned to manufacturing facilty for re-introduction into the manufacturing process. All steel components are also fully recyclable. 
Download the PDF test report below 
Download the K41 word document below 
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